Review: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

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The ‘Final Empire’, the first book in the ‘Mistborn’ trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, is set in a world of ash, mist and slavery, ruled over by the immortal Lord Ruler. The premise is that the world faced a crisis called the ‘Deepening’ and the hero who was meant to stop it failed, or he succeeded and turned out to be a bad guy. 1000 years later a small team of thieves sets out to try and defeat the Lord Ruler, the tyrannical master who now rules over the world. At the beginning of every chapter you’re treated to a few lines from the hero’s journal, and this was the part of the book I found the most interesting. You know something went wrong with the ancient hero’s journey, but you don’t know what.

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Adventure Time

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So, I haven’t been doing a lot of reading lately as I’ve been writing more. I find it hard to do both at once as it’s difficult keeping two competing stories in my head at the same time. Anyway, so I thought I’d do something different and talk about Adventure Time, a weird little cartoon that, judging by the amount of t-shirts and other merchandise I’m seeing in stores, has become quite popular.

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Review: Rune Factory 4

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I’ve played a lot of Harvest Moon games (more than I care to count), but Rune Factory 4 was only the second Rune Factory game I’ve played (the first being Tides of Destiny). Overall, I really enjoyed the game (and I’m still enjoying it), and found it hard to put down.

You start off as a boy or a girl who has lost their memory and ends up becoming the prince/princess of the town of Selphia. You’re given a farm and the task of developing the town through prince/princess points. As well as farming, there is also forging, crafting, fishing, chemistry and cooking for you to do, as well as many dungeons to explore and townspeople to befriend. The story is quite long, and is composed of three arcs (so after the credits role after you finish the first part there’s still a lot more to do). The game generally is fairly easy, and it’s usually pretty obvious what you should do next, though the difficulty does ramp up a bit in the final dungeon.