Review: The Last Light of the Sun by Guy Gavriel Kay

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I’m a big fan of Guy Gavriel Kay, and I’ve had ‘The Last Light of the Sun’ sitting in my bookshelf for quite a while. I finally got around to reading it. The story is more violent and less complex than some of his other books, but I still enjoyed it a lot.

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Print versions of ‘The Mixed’ now available

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Print versions of ‘The Lord of the Plains’ and ‘The Broken Kingdom’ are now available from Amazon!

Review: ‘Words of Radiance’ by Brandon Sanderson

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‘Words of Radiance’ is the second book in Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Stormlight Archive’. The story starts out strong, continuing on from the first book, and then slows down to a crawl. The ending is pretty spectacular though, and definitely worth the wait.