Review: ‘Vigil’ by Angela Slatter

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‘Vigil’ is an urban fantasy set in Brisbane. Brisbane happens to be my hometown, so I was even more excited than when I picked up “How the light gets in” and it opened with a description of a Montreal the tunnel falling down. A non-Brisbanite probably won’t enjoy the setting and details as much as I did. The story follows Verity Fassbinder, half human half-Weyrd as she solves crimes. It’s fun and action-packed and has a lovely sprinkling of humour.

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Review: ‘My Last Continent’ by Midge Raymond


‘My Last Continent’ is a tragic love story set in Antarctica. The story starts a few years after a devastating shipwreck which killed hundreds of people. Then it switches to a week before the shipwreck and Deb, a researcher aboard the Cormorant, a tourist/research vessel heading down to Antarctica. The story flips back and forth from just before the shipwreck, to years before and then to after. You know the ending well before you get to it, and yet it still affected me.

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Rereading The Lord of the Rings: 10+ years later

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I tried reading ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ years ago. It took me a year to finish ‘The Hobbit’ and I gave up halfway through ‘The Two Towers’ as I found it so dull. My husband doesn’t read much, but this is one of the few series he’s finished, and it’s one of his favourites. So I recently gave it another shot, to see if I could finish and enjoy it this time.

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One thing I always loved however was the cover and the illustrations. The picture above is the version of the books I have.


Review: ‘Everything I know about writing’ by John Marsden

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I’ve been looking for a book on writing for a while now. I picked up ‘Everything I know about writing’ by John Marsden mainly because I’ve read his work before and he’s written some of my favourite books. Unlike ‘bird by bird’, by Anne Lamont, this book is more about the tools of writing, and Marsden gives concrete examples of his points.┬áIt’s a short book, at 195 pages, but it covers a surprising amount of ground. He uses examples of writing from himself, his students, and other books to demonstrate his points with humour and insight.

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Review: ‘The Last Wish’ by Andrzej Sapkowski

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‘The Last Wish’ is a collection of short stories about Geralt of Rivia, a monster slayer known as a witcher. The stories are tied together by an overarching story, ‘The Voice of Reason’, which give structure and direction to the whole selection of stories.

I first read ‘The Last Wish’ many years ago, after finishing the first Witcher game. Since then I’ve read most of the witcher saga, and the other set of short stories ‘Sword of Destiny’, but ‘The Last Wish’ still stands as my favourite.

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‘The First Man in Rome’ by Colleen McCullough

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‘The First Man in Rome’ is a historical novel set in the late Roman Republic. It covers the career of Gaius Marius and Lucius Cornelius Sulla, and the life of the parents of Julius Caesar. The detail and research that went into it is phenomenal. It covers a lot of ground and goes into a lot of detail, while remaining fast and exciting. It focused on a few key players, but details the politics and wider world within which they act as well. In some ways it was a challenging read (mainly due to the names…), but overall, I really enjoyed it.

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Review: ‘The Year of Our War’ by Steph Swainston

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Jant, the Immortal Messenger, is the only man in the world who can fly. However, he’s not the only immortal. The Fourlands are beset by a plague of giant insects. The fight has raged for over a 1000 years. The story starts with another in a long line of fights, which initially goes well. Soon, however, the insects are surging across the land, further than they’ve reached in centuries. Jant is tasked with finding out why, which is something of a problem given his drug addiction.

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