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So I’ve started work now, which means I have less time on my hands. To take a bit of pressure off myself, I have decided that I’ll update only every 2 weeks from now on.

I’ve been editing a story recently and being obsessive about the dates and travel times and what not. I made a map with a scale and everything, and as I was checking my distances and travel times I realized everything was off by a couple days. I thought I’d just been lazy the first time round, but actually I was using a different ruler. My rulers, apparently, are not very accurate. Anyway, everything matched if I used the old ruler, using the new ruler made everything longer. I ended up having to redo everything I’d done with the new ruler. So, just to keep in mind – use the same measuring device!

Aside from that cautionary tale, I thought I might share some links I’ve found useful that relate to average movement of horses, people and wagons hitched to various types of animals.

This link here has some useful guidelines about how far people and horses can travel a day in different types of terrain and weather.

This one here is about horses, wagons and stagecoaches.

And this final one here is about how far armies would generally move in a day.

I hope people find these useful! Also, if you know any other great sources of information for world-building, let me know!


Review: Hearthstone

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Hearthstone is a free to play, collectible card game from Blizzard. It’s fast paced, and you can earn new cards by winning in the arena, levelling up your hero or buying cards with money or coins you earn from completing quests, or winning against other players. It’s pretty fun, and I’ve been enjoying it. As it’s free to play, and the games are pretty quick, I’d recommend giving it a try if you enjoy strategy card games.

Image from: us.battle.net/hearthstone/en


Review: Amber Road by Boyd Anderson

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‘Amber Road’ tells the story of Victoria Khoo, a young Chinese woman in Singapore during the Japanese occupation in WWII. The story starts a few days before the war, when her only concern in the world is what dress to wear to a garden party. I don’t often read books set in the real world, and now I’ve read two in a row, both set in WWII. The book has lots of detail about the occupation, the war and the many different cultures living in Singapore, so if you enjoy books set that period I think you could enjoy this book.

Image from: randomhouse.com.au More