Review: ‘2312’ by Kim Stanley Robinson

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In the 24th century humans have moved to space and begun terraforming Mercury, Venus, Mars and countless moons and asteroids. Earth hasn’t been forgotten though, and is still the center of much conflict. The wondrous, vivid descriptions of the beauty of the solar system grabbed me from the first page. The story revels in music, art, and revolution. The terrforming is spectacular – ice moons are carved up and slammed into Venus to make rain and snow. Asteroids become spaceships and havens for species whose homes have been destroyed on Earth. It’s a beautiful book, and I would highly recommend it.




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So I’ll be moving to updating once a month. I’m writing and doing my PhD at the moment, so I’m not reading as much as I normally do. Once I’ve finished the draft of the new story, I’ll probably go back to once every 2 weeks.


Review: “Orkney Twilight” by Clare Carson


“Orkney Twilight” follows Sam, the daughter of an undercover cop, as she tries to unravels her father’s secrets. After her birthday and her father’s customary announcement of his impending doom, Sam and her journalist friend go to Orkney Island with her father to keep an eye on him. Slowly, she starts to uncover the truth about her father’s past, which puts her own life in danger.