Review: ‘Everything I know about writing’ by John Marsden

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I’ve been looking for a book on writing for a while now. I picked up ‘Everything I know about writing’ by John Marsden mainly because I’ve read his work before and he’s written some of my favourite books. Unlike ‘bird by bird’, by Anne Lamont, this book is more about the tools of writing, and Marsden gives concrete examples of his points.┬áIt’s a short book, at 195 pages, but it covers a surprising amount of ground. He uses examples of writing from himself, his students, and other books to demonstrate his points with humour and insight.

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Print versions of ‘The Mixed’ now available

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Print versions of ‘The Lord of the Plains’ and ‘The Broken Kingdom’ are now available from Amazon!

‘Mixed Duology’ Now Free on Amazon!


So Amazon has price matched ‘The Lord of the Plains’ and ‘The Broken Kingdom’ to Smashwords, and they are now both free! I had to contact Amazon a few times about it, but they were quite helpful and so both books should be free on all Amazon sites.

‘The Lord of the Plains’ will remain free, while the sequel, ‘The Broken Kingdom’ will remain free for one more week (1/9/14), and will then cost $2.99.

‘The Broken Kindgom’ Released


So the sequel to ‘The Lord of the Plains’ has been released today.

The Broken Kingdom-FJM_Mid_Res_1000x1500

It is currently free at Smashwords and will remain free until the 1st of September, 2014, after which it will cost $2.99. It is available from Amazon for $2.99, though it should be price matched to Smashwords soon.

Please read and enjoy!


New Book Released

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So, ‘The Lord of the Plains’, the first book in ‘The Mixed Duology’, has finally been released, several weeks after I said it would be ready!

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So I’m getting closer to publishing my next book. The cover is being finalized, which I’m pretty excited about (see below!), and I’m getting some maps made. Overall, I’m thinking 2-4 weeks until I’m ready to publish the e-book version (which is what I said last time!). As I said before, I’m planning on making the first book in the Duology free, and keeping the second book free for 2 weeks, and then charging somewhere around $1.99-$2.99.


I haven’t been able to do much reading while I’ve been editing these books, so I’m also looking forward to getting into more reading once I’m finally finished!

Update and Useful Links

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So I’ve started work now, which means I have less time on my hands. To take a bit of pressure off myself, I have decided that I’ll update only every 2 weeks from now on.

I’ve been editing a story recently and being obsessive about the dates and travel times and what not. I made a map with a scale and everything, and as I was checking my distances and travel times I realized everything was off by a couple days. I thought I’d just been lazy the first time round, but actually I was using a different ruler. My rulers, apparently, are not very accurate. Anyway, everything matched if I used the old ruler, using the new ruler made everything longer. I ended up having to redo everything I’d done with the new ruler. So, just to keep in mind – use the same measuring device!

Aside from that cautionary tale, I thought I might share some links I’ve found useful that relate to average movement of horses, people and wagons hitched to various types of animals.

This link here has some useful guidelines about how far people and horses can travel a day in different types of terrain and weather.

This one here is about horses, wagons and stagecoaches.

And this final one here is about how far armies would generally move in a day.

I hope people find these useful! Also, if you know any other great sources of information for world-building, let me know!

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