The Mixed Duology

Book 1: The Lord of the Plains


Published: 29/07/2014

Ebook version available for free from Smashwords. Available for $0.99 from Amazon.

In an empty and dangerous world, the human city of Astar shines as a lone beacon of peace, free from the constant warring of the inhuman, gemeng tribes of the Plains. Aerlid, a man neither human nor gemeng, tricks his way into Astar with his charge, a young gemeng named Riley. In the human city, she experiences a type of fear and oppression foreign to her, and longs for the freedom of the world beyond the city walls.
Unbeknownst to her, the world is changing. To the north, another human city is discovered, where the people do not constantly fear invasion by the gemengs, while in the western city of Coastside, a young man begins speaking to the fishpeople, gemengs that dwell within the ocean.
But something far worse is coming. The ancestors of the gemengs, creatures far more powerful than either gemeng or human have faced in centuries, are returning. Unaware of the danger, Riley abandons the safety of Astar, while the people of the city remain sure in the strength of their walls…


Book 2: The Broken Kingdom

The Broken Kingdom-FJM_Mid_Res_1000x1500

Published: 18/08/2014

Ebook version available for free from Smashwords until 1/09/14, after which it will cost $2.99. Available from Amazon for $2.99.

Reeling from the news of the destruction of the mountain, Vann flees a victorious Coastside with the fish people. Meanwhile, Karesh and Aerlid must find a way to survive outside the safety of the mountain while the ehlkrid become ever more vicious.
The people of Astar remain safe behind their shields, but as the months pass things begin to worsen. While the city itself is safe, the ehlkrid begin to attack supply lines, and food becomes a pressing concern.
The ehlkrid continue their assault on the world, becoming hungrier and more desperate as the world outside Astar and Coastside becomes an emptier place. Those few survivors must band together, or let history repeat itself…


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