Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley is a PC farming simulation game, similar in style to Harvest Moon. I came to the game late, and as a result had heard lots about it before playing it. In a way, this led to some disappointments, as I was expecting something miles ahead of Harvest Moon. In the end, I still enjoyed it. There are parts of it I like more than Harvest Moon, parts of Harvest moon I enjoy more, and parts of Rune of Factory I prefer. It’s a good game for anyone who enjoys the Harvest Moon games, though I doubt it would convince many people who dislike Harvest Moon.

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Review: ‘Don’t Starve’


The premise of ‘Don’t Starve’ is deceptively simple: don’t starve. You start the game by waking up in a dark and dangerous world and are told to find food before nightfall. The game doesn’t give you any more instruction than that, and it’s up to the player to figure out how to survive.

The game is challenging and fun. There is a lot of hidden depth to the game, which you probably won’t discover the first time through. There are multiple characters to choose from, and the world changes each time you play. You can also change the settings and make various biomes, animals, weather, etc more or less common.

I bought Reign of Giants at the same time as the main game. It adds extra challenge, environments, items, monsters and seasons to the game, and if you enjoyed the main game, you’ll probably enjoy the additional content from Reign of Giants as well.



Review: Transistor

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I just finished playing Transistor on PC. It’s not a particularly long game, and it’s fairly linear, but it was challenging, enjoyable and sounded great.



Review: Child of Light

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I just finished ‘Child of Light’ for PC. It looks and sounds lovely, and once I got into it, was pretty fun to play. It’s not particularly challenging, and isn’t that long (~ 10 hours), but it’s an enjoyable experience once it gets going.

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