big little lies starts with a murder at a school trivia night. It then backs up to 6 months before the murder. This is where most of the tension comes from; trying to guess who, out of all the people you’re slowly starting to care about, ends up dead. It was tense, thrilling, funny and sad. I rushed through it, needing to know who was the victim, and finished it in one night.

Big Little Lies

Jane, a single mother, moves to Pirriwee Beach and enrolls her son in Pirriwee Public kindergarten. On the orientation day, he is accused of choking a little girl. Jane makes friends with Madeline, a woman who loves trouble, who enflames the conflict between Jane and the girl’s mother, Renata. She also makes friends with Celeste, a beautiful woman who plots to leave her husband for reasons that are at first unclear.

As the story unravels we learn more about Jane and the father of her son, and her fears about her son’s behaviour. Despite Madeline’s love for conflict and drama, I found her quite endearing. She also has her share of problems as her ex-husband and his new wife live in the area. I found all the characters, even Renata, sympathetic.

This leads into the most tense part of the book; we don’t know who was murdered. Throughout the book we hear snippets of testimony about the night, and as the book goes on we begin to recognize these characters and the events they’re talking about. I found myself more concerned with who the victim was, rather than the perpetrator, as I didn’t want any of them to die.

The book has a light and humourous tone throughout, despite the subject matter. It was fun, entertaining and tense. The ending was ultimately quite satisfying. It was a quick and enjoyable read, and is easy to recommend.