While alive, all Fat Charlie’s father ever did was humiliate him. Even with his death, he manages to embarrass him. If that wasn’t bad enough, Fat Charlie learns his father was really the spider god, Anansi, and he has a brother, who inherited all the magic and charm, as well as the love of getting Fat Charlie in trouble. Within days of meeting his brother, Fat Charlie’s being investigated by the police and has lost his fiancee. Funny, tense, exciting, scary and heart-warming all at the same time, ‘Anansi Boys’ was a lot of fun to read.

The story starts out normal enough, but soon takes a bizarre turn when Fat Charlie attends his father’s funeral. Chaos soon takes over. It has an imaginative, dream like quality, and I really loved some of the imagery, particularly of the Bird-woman and the ghosts.

It’s also pretty funny, and I enjoyed the use of language. Any book that includes the word ‘gruntled’ is an automatic win for me.

I was quickly endeared to Fat Charlie. The relationship between the two brothers, and their father, is an ongoing theme in the book. It wrapped up unexpectedly nicely, and had a really lovely ending. The book was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed reading it. Also, ‘gruntled’.