‘Half the World’ is the sequel to ‘Half a King’, set some time after the conclusion to that book, and focusing on different characters. In this book, we focus on the young warriors-in-training Brand and Thorn, and the events that keep them from taking their place on a raid. Soon, they end up on Yarvi’s ship, as he goes on a journey to make an alliance to save Gettland from the coming war with the High King.

After finishing ‘Half a King’, I felt that most of the story was wrapped up and it stood on its own. I still feel this way after reading ‘Half the World’. You could read and enjoy this book without reading the one before it, and like ‘Half a King’, it wraps up most of its plot points. The coming war with the High King is a loose thread that ties the series together.

‘Half a World’ is as fast paced as the previous book. Thorn, a young woman who wants to be a warrior, and the far more gentle Brand, are strong enough characters that I wasn’t upset that the characters from the previous book took a back-seat here. I do feel the book wasn’t quite as tense as the first one though, as the need for an alliance isn’t quite so pressing as Yarvi’s troubles in the first book. The book also ends up focusing a lot more on romance than the previous book.

All in all it was an enjoyable, quick read. You don’t need to read the first one to enjoy it, and it stands on its own. Because of this though, I don’t feel a pressing need to read the sequel, as most of Thorn and Brand’s story is wrapped up pretty nicely.