I reviewed the first book in the ‘Saga of Pliocene Exile’ a little while ago, and I’ve just finished the remaining books in the series. I’ll review the last 3 books together, and try not to give anything away (though I’ll assume readers know what happened in the first book). Overall I really enjoyed the series, and I think I’ll take a look at the prequel/sequel series – ‘The Galactic Milieu’.

The first two books in the series ‘The Many-Coloured Land’ and ‘The Golden Torc’ were probably my favourites. In the second book, we spend more time with the second half of group Green – Elizabeth and company. We learn a lot more about the history of the exotics and Brede, the shipspouse who brought the Tanu and Firvulag to Earth. This book was fast and exciting, like the first, and also very interesting in the history it revealed and the implications for the future.

After the upheavals in ‘The Golden Torc’, ‘The Nonborn King’ starts off slowly. A lot of things basically need to be set up again, and so the book moves a lot more slowly. It also moves around between characters a lot more, which slows the pace. This also happens in ‘The Adversary’. A lot of new characters are also introduced, and I didn’t empathize with a lot of them. Hagen and company (including Cloud) are pretty unpleasant,  and given Rosmar’s plans from the previous book, I couldn’t care too much about her here. This, coupled with the slower pace, meant I didn’t enjoy these books as much, as I didn’t really want anyone to succeed. The few characters I still liked weren’t seen a whole lot.



‘The Adversary’ moves a bit faster, and some of the characters soften a bit. This book still moves around a lot, but there’s a bit more danger and suspense to keep things exciting. The conclusion to the series took an unexpected turn, and redemption is a big theme. Most plot points were tied up, though not all. The mass-murderers seem to get off lightly here, a theme that’s fairly common in some books, and particularly some video games. It’s not one I’m too fond of, to be honest. In a similar vein, I’m not sure I can believe Elizabeth’s ending.

Despite the weaknesses of the final two books, I still really enjoyed the series. The final two books were slower, but eventually the initially unlikable characters become better. The ending was exciting and suspenseful, and the hints of what came before in the metapsychic rebellion in the Galactic Milieu make me want to read the prequal series.