Having never watched any of the movies, or read the book before, a friend suggested I read it. The story spans 10 years in the life of the Corleone family. Michael Corleone, the third son of the Godfather, Vito, tries to distance himself from the family business but is inexorably drawn in. The story is tense and exciting, and I had good fun reading it.


The story starts off with a few brief glimpses at the sort of people who ask the Godfather for help, and then it switches to the wedding of Connie Corleone. Here we are introduced to the Corleone family, Michael and his girlfriend Kay Adams, and the family’s business.  The family has a big decision coming up, whether to go into business with Sollozzo, ‘The Turk’. Not far into the story, the Godfather is attacked, and his sons must take over the family business while he recovers.

The story is tense and exciting, there are few action scenes, as Vito Corleone tries to solve everything with words (he’s a reasonable man after all). When the action starts though, its brutal and fast. The tensions between the five families of New York, the political maneuvering is exciting, and keeps you guessing.

The story focuses a lot on the personalities of the Corleone family. The justifications they give themselves are fascinating, as is how Michael strays so far from what he originally wanted for himself. Overall it was an exciting, interesting book, and I greatly enjoyed reading it.