‘The Hall of Lost Footsteps’ is a compilation of short stories by Sara Douglass. Most of them are stand-alone stories, but quite a few are about ‘The Axis Trilogy’. The stories range from 1 page in length, to 20 pages. I haven’t read ‘The Axis Trilogy’ so I didn’t read the stories relating to that, in case I spoil anything if I do decide to read it. The stories I did read were vividly detailed, imaginative and enjoyable.


The first story, ‘Of Fingers and Foreskins’, was very amusing. I spent the first few pages laughing. Sara Douglass sets the scene very well, immediately drawing you into the medieval world of Hugh de Lusignan. This is one of the longer stories, and takes an unexpected turn about halfway through and becomes more serious.

The next story, ‘The Tower Room’, is the shortest, and is only a page long. Despite this, it’s probably my favourite story. In very few words Douglass conjures a magical world, and two troubled characters. Its only a page, so I can’t say much about it without giving it away, but what I liked most about it was what she was able to accomplish in so few words.

The rest of the stories cover varying themes; one is about building a train in London, a few are about ‘The Axis Trilogy’, some are about revenge, and so on.

If you enjoy Sara Douglass’ writing, I think you would enjoy these short stories. If you haven’t read any of her books before, this is a good introduction. I read ‘The Wayfarer Redemption’ trilogy many years ago, and reading these short stories immediately reminded me of that. Someone gave me this book as a gift, and reading it has made me think I should read more of Sara Douglass’ work (particularly ‘The Axis Trilogy’, so I can read the rest of the stories in this compilation). Anyway, I quite enjoyed it, and I’d recommend it to fans of her writing, or anyone who hasn’t read her books before.