I just finished ‘Child of Light’ for PC. It looks and sounds lovely, and once I got into it, was pretty fun to play. It’s not particularly challenging, and isn’t that long (~ 10 hours), but it’s an enjoyable experience once it gets going.


You play as Aurora, who awakes in the world of Lemuria after falling into a deep sleep. Aurora goes on a quest to save the world of Lemuria, by finding the stars, moon and sun and returning light to the world. The world of Lemuria is beautiful and detailed, and the sound effects and music are just as enjoyable. I particularly appreciated the sound of Aurora’s bare feet as she ran along a fallen log.


Not far into the game, you meet Igniculus, the firefly. You use him to open chests, illuminate dark areas and solve puzzles. In battle, you also use him to heal party members or slow down enemies. The puzzles and platforming elements are never particularly difficult, particularly after Aurora gets wings (also very early in the game). Despite this, exploring the world of Lemuria is quite rewarding; there are always things to find, like chests, stardust (which increases a stat permanently), confessions (pieces of letters which tell you about the backstory) or side-quests. There aren’t a huge number of side-quests in the game, but there are few. As you explore the world you’ll also meet new characters who will join you on your journey. The characters tend to talk in rhyme, which works sometimes, other times it feels forced and unnatural.

Enemies are displayed on the screen in Child of Light. When you hit them you’ll be sent to another field to do battle. You’ll end up with quite a lot of party members, but you can only have two fighting at any one time. You can switch them out easily though, which you’ll have to do often as the characters don’t have a very wide skill set – Aurora has light based magic, Rubella has healing magic, Finn as elemental magic, and so on. Each character has a speed, and you can see when they’ll attack on the timeline at the bottom of the screen. You can also see when the enemy will attack, and slow them down using Igniculus. If you’re attacked during casting time you’ll be interrupted and sent back along the timeline, and the same for the enemy.


I didn’t initially like the fighting that much, I felt the battles took too long and took me away from what I wanted to do, which was explore Lemuria. They get better though as you get more party members and have more skills available. This, and the low level of difficulty, was basically my main issue with the game, up until the Plains of Rambert section. By this time, you have a good selection of party members, and the platforming elements get a little more difficult (never challenging though). If you’re finding the game a bit too easy, and the fights boring, I would suggest waiting until this section at least (about Chapter 5 – 6 I think).


The characters in the game don’t have equipment, but you can equip oculi to their weapon, shield, and accessory. The oculi, magic stones, have different effects based on where they are equipped – a ruby equipped to the sword will give a fire element to your attack, and fire resistance if equipped to your shield. You can also craft oculi – combine them to make new stones or stronger stones. It’s fairly intuitive how it works, 3 rough rubies will give you 1 tumbled ruby, 3 tumbled rubies will give you 1 faceted ruby and so on.


Overall, this is one of the nicest looking games I’ve seen in a while. Once I got into it, I did really enjoy it. The controls work well, and the world is fun to explore.While the way the characters rhymed didn’t always work, I did like how the story was presented by the narrator. It added to the whole story-book, dream-like quality of Lemuria. There isn’t much challenge to the game though, and I got through the entire game on normal without dying. It might be more enjoyable on a higher difficulty setting. If you don’t mind the length of it, and you like this style of game, I would definitely recommend it. If you’re looking for a lengthy, challenging platformer/rpg you might be disappointed.