Pandoras_Tower_box_artworkPandora’s Tower is just plain fun. I had a great time playing this game. You play as Aeron, who has to explore the towers to find Master flesh, which he has to feed to Elena to stop her turning into a monster. There are two main parts to the gameplay – the time you spend in your base interacting with Elena, buying stuff and organizing your equipment, and the time you spend in the towers. You can find items and money in the towers which you use to buy stuff and create presents for Elena to improve your relationship. You also find beast flesh, which you feed her to prevent her from turning into a monster. There’s a limited amount of time you can spend in the towers, if you don’t return to the base and feed Elena she’ll turn into a monster and your relationship will decrease. Your relationship with Elena determines what ending you get. As you progress through the story and get to new towers Elena’s reaction to the Master flesh subtly changes… the story unravels slowly, and the game does a good job of slowly building dread that something isn’t quite right…

Now, the towers. As I said before, the towers are just really fun to explore. They’re kinda like the dungeons in Zelda. You use a chain (Oraclos chain) and Aeron’s sword to explore the towers and defeat monsters (later in the game you find some new weapons, but I stuck with the sword). There are a lot of shortcuts in the towers you can open up, so repeatedly leaving the towers and coming back to feed Elena isn’t really an issue. The towers were fun, challenging and varied, as were the battles with the Masters. Halfway through the themes (fire, water, earth…) of the towers repeat, which does make sense in the context of the story. This isn’t an issue though, as towers expand on previously introduced mechanics and become more difficult.

Pandora’s Tower – Master’s Door

Once you’ve finished the game you can replay it to get new endings or explore areas of the towers that were previously off-limits. This was a really enjoyable game, and I had a lot of fun playing it. If you enjoy the Legend of Zelda games on the Wii you should enjoy this game.