…is even though “Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch” was a great game, I was a little disappointed. See, it wasn’t the most fantastic game ever created, and it wasn’t the best game I’ve ever played. But it was a really good game, and I’ll probably play it again one day.

Image from: leviathyn.comFirst, it’s a beautiful game. It’s a joy to watch, even outside of cutscenes. The monsters are cute, and it’s fun to evolve them and see what they turn into (like pokemon). Catching some of the better monsters may mean fighting them a whole bunch of times (30+…), but I play a lot of rpgs so I don’t mind a little grinding. The Wizard’s Handbook was also really cool, and it was fun to reach a new city and watch it fill up. Some of the dungeons were also pretty awesome, particularly Shadar’s castle, and I also liked how Oliver used his magic outside of battles in ways that made sense. Spells were actually useful, and there were very few, if any, of those moments when you wonder why your super-powerful wizard can’t find a way to get past some stupid obstacle. Really, the world was just fun to explore. I also enjoyed the story, and I enjoyed the ‘tacked’ on bit with the White Witch after you finish with Shadar. What I didn’t like was the end of Horace’s side quest, which tells you a bit more about the story and the White Witch. I felt that part robbed the White Witch’s story of pretty much all of its meaning and emotion.

Aside from the Horace side-quest ending, I had a few minor issues with the game. At first, the broken-heart side quests, where you find pieces of heart from other people and give them to people who are broken hearted, seemed interesting. But every time, every single time, Drippy tells you what piece of heart they’re missing, and that, coupled with a map that shows you where all the quest-relevant people are, took all of the thought and interest out of those quests. At the beginning I thought it was pretty interesting and was waiting for Drippy to stop telling me what to do “Let me do it, Drippy, I can figure it out, LET ME DO IT!”, but no, that never happened. So those quests ended up being boring and repetitive. But other than that, Drippy was awesome. He was by far my favourite character, and in general I loved the fairies and I thought their comedy routine was great.

Overall ‘Wrath of the White Witch’ is a deep, enjoyable rpg with lots to do and explore, and if you like rpgs you’ll most likely enjoy this game (and you’ll probably enjoy it even more if you don’t expect it to be the best game you’ve ever played).

Anyone else have any thoughts on ‘Wrath of the White Witch?’

(In other news: from this point forward I’ll be updating once a week on Mondays).