It feels like it’s been ages since a new Fire Emblem came out. I was really looking forward to Awakening, and it didn’t disappoint. The cutscenes were great, in 2D and 3D, there were tons of interesting characters to meet (Henry was my favourite by far) and they brought supports back! Awakening has tons of supports, it seems nearly every character can have one with nearly every other character! Because of this you do get a few themes popping up again (girls being afraid of bugs, walking in on people in the shower…) but many of them were quite funny, and you learn different things about the characters depending on which characters they support with.

One thing was that it was really quite easy compared to other Fire Emblem games, mainly because From: fireemblem.wikia.comyou can grind. If you’re finding a fight too difficult, instead of working on your strategy, you can just go level up until you can get through the fights without thinking too much. The fights to recruit the children are really quite tough, so if you’re strong enough to get them you’ll be able to breeze through a big section of the middle of the game and it won’t get tough again until you leave the continent of Valm.

Now, generally downloadable content annoys me. When I pay full price for a game, I don’t want to have to download all this extra stuff to enjoy it. However the DLC for Fire Emblem: Awakening is pretty good- you don’t need it to enjoy the game as it’s a complete game without it, there’s a bunch of stuff you can download for free, and finally, the stuff you pay for is generally pretty good.

All in all, it was great to have a new Fire Emblem, and because of the ability to grind and play on ‘casual’ mode, it should be quite accessible to newcomers to the series. Series vets can always play on ‘classic’ mode and on the higher difficulty settings, and should still be able to have a lot of fun. It’s not my favourite Fire Emblem game, but it’s a worthy addition to the series.

What did everyone else think?